Wholesale - NON LA Palm-leaf conical hat-Highest Quality-Handmade from Vietnamese

Wholesale -NON LA Palm-leaf conical hat-Highest Quality-Handmade from Vietnamese

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Vietnamese NON LA - leaf conical hat-Highest Quality - Handmade from Vietnam
Item Description
   We are making NONLA hat with many size :

         - Diameter 40cm ( 15.7 inches)
         - Diameter 35cm ( 14.0 inches)
         - Diameter 31cm ( 12.2 inches)
         - or any size that you request

For a long time, "Nón lá" has become a traditional symbol of Vietnamese people. It has been associated with Vietnamese like an object and its shadow, without discriminating sex, age, or social position. It is a common friend of all people. That is the reason why people have considered it as a typical icon of Vietnamese. 
    The legend of the conical hat is related to maternal love and the history of rice growing in Vietnam.
          Once upon a time, the legend says, when a deluge of rain was falling there descended from the sky a giant woman wearing on her head four huge round leaves as large as the sky itself and stitched together by bamboo sticks. The leaves protected humankind, then still naked, from the rain. The giant messenger from the sky twirled round the leaves on her head to dispel clouds and rains. Those who followed her were taught by her how to grow crops. One day mankind dozed off as they listened to stories narrated by her. When they woke up the goddess was gone. The Vietnamese built a temple in her memory and honored her as the Rain-shielding Goddess. Following her example, people went into the forests to fetch broad and round leaves (palm) which they stitched together on a bamboo frame. This was to become an indispensable headwear for the farmers on the fields, boatwomen carrying passengers across rivers, travelers under the blazing sun...
The Vietnam girls with conical hats and traditional dress

    However, Vietnamese girls do not like just any conical hat they come upon. The dearest to them is inevitably the one called the "Poetical Leaf "for they become milder, more elegant and more delicate when once they put on a hat, which gives shelter to their blushing cheeks like a crowing bud protected from sun, rain or rough wind. Vietnamese women also use the conical hat to fan off the heat of summer, as a container for a bunch of vegetables, and even as a bowl to relieve the thirst when passing by a well, etc. Romantically, young couples can veil their kisses behind this traditional conical hat during their dates.
The foreign tourists to Vietnam is very interested in conical hats

Workshop make conical hats
+ Shipping Info

  1. Postage (For Retail Orders) 

      Shipping companies that we use:
         + Airmail service of Vietnam Post Office (14 to 25 days)
         + Express mail service : TNT Express, UPS, DHL (3 to 6 days) 

   2. Sea/Air Freight (For Wholesale Orders)
      We offer the following options: 

      + FOB (Free on Board) : We are responsible for the delivery of goods to the Da nang port. This includes export tax from Vietnam and handling fees until the shipment is on board the ship. You are responsible for the ocean fee, the import customs clearance, the cargo insurance and other costs and risks. 
      + CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) We are responsible for the delivery of goods to the requested destination port. This includes export tax from Vietnam and handling fees until the shipment is on board the ship, the ocean fee and the cargo insurance. You are responsible for the import customs clearance and other costs and risks.

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